RocketCompute AWS integration help
How to subscribe? → type: rocketcompute → subscribe

or from AWS Management Console → type:"marketplace" on search field. → → type: rocketcompute → subscribe
How does it works?
You can install RC monitoring agent via:
  • Single line command in console
  • cloud-ini script. AWS instance launch button
  • UserData script. AWS instance launch menu
  • Integration with Deployment systems
  • AMI injection
And then see resource (CPU, GPU, Storage io and RAM) load on RC dashboard.

You also can switch on Telegram, Discord, Whatsapp or other channels for notifications about:
— bottlenecks
— system idle time
How monitoring works
Click on "charts" in control panel of you RC dashboard
How to check GPU utilization?
Scroll down monitoring tab
How do you charge?
We charge for cores x hours x 0.001 (Cores means: CPU cores + GPU cores)

Every time you start monitoring we started billing. For example you launch instance with 24 cores for 90 minutes then: 24*(90/60)*0.0005=0.018 USD (two cents)

One more example. You run 8 cores for three days (96 hours). Then: 8*96*0.0005=0.384 USD (less then one dollar)